Friday, 3 January 2014

Another day and another challenge completed at the studio
This one is called Surprise me Border challenge
These are the rules
Your Challenge this month is to create a border using brushes.

* You may use any kit you wish in your layout.
* You may design any type of border you wish: top, bottom, side, or any combination thereof.
* You MUST uses brushes to create your border. Any brushes are fine.
* You may incorporate other items/elements into your border, but at least 50% or more of the border must be created with brushes.

So here is what I come up with, my border is on the left side and I used just one grunge brush in Photoshop Elements, but resized and rotated and changed the colours and I actually liked the end result.

I must admit this kit is one of my favourites, I love the bold and arty feel to it
available at the Studio