Saturday, 25 January 2014

Big sale at My Memories for a few days only
Buy the lot for under $16.00 and you get a fabulous 21 pages + 5 clusters

45% OFF! - Baking Memories QP Vol 1 - now 2.99 - Made by KapiScrap.  Great set of Quick pages, all you have to do is slide in your photo and you have instant pages

25% OFF! - Baking Memories Set 2 - now 5.99 - Made by Saviscrap.  This template set has movable embellishments for you to shift if you want, it is designed for recipes to be added very easily by you.  There are 10 pages in this set and mirror imaged to look great if made into a book.  I use Artscow, which is fantastic and really reasonably priced, when you sign up you get many free gifts, including photobooks.  The photo books are exceptional quality.

27% OFF! - Baking Memories Templates 1 - now 3.99 - Made by KapiScrap.  Movable embellishments or just add your photos by a simple click of the mouse!

36% OFF! - Baking Memories Addon 2 - mow - 3.49 - Made by KapiScrap.  These are great clusters made with the Baking Memories embellishments, just position onto a page using your own backgrounds, or if you buy any of the other template sets you can use the backgrounds from these.