Friday, 11 April 2014

More Paper Flower Actions

More Paper Flower Actions

Jilberts Bits of Bytes has done it again and created some more wonderful actions to use in Photoshop

Not to forget the first set she made

Not only that but karen from Snickerdoodles Designs has made some irish lace that has been made into flower shapes that can be added to the flowers

  • Irish Lace Flower Templates Set 1
  • Irish Lace Flower Templates Set 2
  • Irish Lace Flower Templates Set 3
  • Irish Lace Flower Templates Set 4
Each template set consists of 3 lace templates, provided in both greyscale and a finished, stylized version for you.  The templates were created using lace from SnickerdoodleDesigns Irish Lace Overlays Set 3.   Her Irish Lace Styles were applied to the templates to create the stylized versions for you.  Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes Paper Flower Action (CS and PSE versions available)was used in the creation of the lace templates.  (Please see important note below.)  Use Jill’s Paper Flower Action to create paper flowers to coordinate with the lace flowers.  Duplicate and resize flowers for a stacked look.  Please see this forum thread for some examples of how much fun can be had with this product --

Here are some flowers created using all of these items