Monday, 5 May 2014

Scrapping challenges at the studio

I love the beginning of the month where there are many new challenges in different scrapping sites.
Today I will share 3 from The Studio.

A Page I made using;
Another Crazy Day Kit by Laras Digi World

I have been whinging now for 7 months that we haven't had any rain, how we have had to fill our water tanks up, firstly by paying someone $360.00 and then as they emptied again by filling up some barrels ourselves and having to bucket them into the tanks. These tanks are our only source of water, besides a well that is not fit for drinking and which is not connected to the house. So I am happy to say for the first time in 7 months this is our weather forecast for the week and this rain that hopefully is coming should fill our tanks to a much better level than they have been.

Here is my page I made using;
What really pleases me is the nature we have around us.  We wake in the morning to the roosters crowing, they are waiting in anticipation to be released from their pen.  On regular occasions we have a kangaroo pacing the fence around our home, waiting to see if it can escape our view and perhaps penetrate the boundary and into the inner sanctum of our lush green yard.  The ducks are now regular visitors and banquet on the chickens left overs.  The magpies, parrots and willie wagtails are also frequent visitors, that feed and bathe in the yard which is ours and that supplies the needs of many invited and the not so invited members of this community.
And my page I made using;
 in a supermarket not so far away lived a carrot and walnut cake.  This cake was on a super special, so i thought it would live nicely in my freezer until an occasion came to use it.  Such an occasion came when i had some lovely friends over to play pictionary on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I released the cake from it's cold and dark room and out into the warm air of my kitchen to be eaten that afternoon.  Well we never did get to eat the cake, when one plays pictionary, one doesn't really have a lot of time to eat, so in the fridge the cake stayed to be eaten another day.  I tried to find that cake a few days later, I searched the friedge at least 3 times, i searched back in the freezer and i searched the cupboards.  perhaps i should have searched the stomach contents of my husband, but i could not find that cake.  i asked Rick if he had eaten it, no exclaims he!  I know we didn't eat it on the day, so I have no idea where it went.  So that is my story of the cake who got away and lived happily ever after

 As you can see I have been practicing my, It's always nice to tell silly little things that happen in your day, they do make for great photobooks to read and to remember.